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All Expanded Benefits are in excess of benefits specified in the Medicaid State Plan. Better Health may require enrollees to use an established network of providers, approved by the Agency, to obtain expanded benefits under this Contract. Unless otherwise specified in this Exhibit, expanded benefits are not subject to prior authorization or co-payment charges.

MMA Expanded Benefits  Approved Limitations
Adult Dental Services One (1) exam every six (6) months; one (1) cleaning every six (6) months; one comprehensive exam every thirty-six (36) months; one (1) comprehensive x-ray every thirty-six (36) months; two (2) preventive x-rays every (12) months; two (2) simply extractions per year by a general dentist.
Hearing Services One (1) preventive hearing screening per year.
Home and Community Based Services Homemaker services post hospitalization discharge; limited to two (2) visits within seven days of discharge; maximum two (2) hours per visits; limited to enrollees without in-home supports; subject to prior authorization.
Home Health Care (Non-Pregnant Adults) Three (3) visits per day; limited to enrollees post hospitalization.
Influenza Vaccine (Adult) One (1) vaccination per year.
Medically Related Lodging & Food Seventy dollars ($70) per day for enrollee's parent or caregiver; limited to child enrollees; only available if enrollee is required to travel more than one-hundred-twenty (120) miles from home for medically necessary treatment; limit of twenty-five dollars ($25) per day for food included in per diem; not available for the days an enrollee is receiving inpatient treatment; not available if staying overnight in a private residence; subject to prior authorization.
Newborn Circumcision Available to male enrollees upon request up to twelve (12) weeks old.
Nutritional Counseling Fifteen (15) visits per year referral required; subject to prior authorization.
Outpatient Services One (1) speech therapy evaluation; maximum three (3) speech therapy visits per week for three (3) weeks (9 visits total); limited to adult enrollees; subject to prior authorization.
Over-The-Counter OTC) Medication/Supplies Twenty-five dollars ($25) per household per month.
Physician Home Visits Two (2) primary care specialty visits per month; limited to homebound enrollees; subject to prior authorization.
Pneumonia Vaccine (Adult) Two (2) vaccinations per lifetime; subject to prior authorization.
Post Discharge Meals Two (2) meals per day for five (5) days; limited to enrollees post hospitalization where no in-home support present; physician request required; subject to prior authorization.
Prenatal/Perinatal Visits Four (4) prenatal visits for high-risk pregnancies; one (1) postnatal visit within eight (8) weeks of delivery for all pregnancies.
Primary Care Visits (Non-Pregnant Adults) One (1) visit per day.
Shingles Vaccine (Adult) One (1) vaccination per lifetime; subject to prior authorization.
Vision Services One (1) set of glasses every two (2) years; subject to medical necessity and prior authorization.
Waived Copayments Enrollees shall not be subject to co-payment charges with the exceptions of: denture services.


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Better Health is a Managed Care Plan with a Florida Medicaid contract.
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