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What is a PSN?
A Provider Service Network, or PSN, is a network established or organized and operated by a healthcare provider or group of affiliated healthcare providers.

Medicaid Reform
The Florida Medicaid Program has changed in Broward County. The state is no longer managing medical care for most Medicaid patients. Instead, HMOs and PSNs, such as Better Health, are coordinating benefits for Medicaid members.

If you have questions about Medicaid Reform, call the Medicaid Choice Counseling Helpline at
(866) 454-3959 or visit

How to enroll
Signing up for Better Health is easy, fast and free.

Call the Medicaid Choice Counseling Helpline at (866) 454-3959 or go online to

Covered Services
- Preferred Drug List (PDL): more detailed info.
- Injectable Preferred Drugs (PDL): more detailed info.
- Click here for more detailed info.



Call Better Health at
To enroll call Medicaid Enrollment Options at888.367.6554
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